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The Great Pyrenees is one of the best dog breeds in the world in terms of protection. They care so much about protecting their owners that they think of anything real or imaginary predators who would intrude their owner’s space.

The Great Pyrenees is also known to give unconditional love to their owners. They are majestic white dogs who are beautiful and strong, and they have a thick coats. 

This dog breed is something everyone looks for in a family dog. They are intelligent and have a stable temperament which makes them the right choice as a family dog.

The Great Pyrenees was initially developed to protect shepherds and guard flocks. In today’s time, these dogs are working as therapy dogs and rescue dogs.

The Great Pyrenees is known for thinking on his own and doing things in his way. This can be a great trait in a dog, but it can also bring some difficulties in training.

This is one dog where training is super important as once he grows untrained, he can be out of control, and you would not want that with a dog that grows around 160 pounds. 

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Training the Great Pyrenees is a challenging task as you have to be consistent, have patience, and provide positive reinforcement. This dog breed is not suitable who are not ready to put in the extra effort needed to train this dog.

The Great Pyrenees can very well determine a friend from a foe, and he is a calm dog inside the house. They are courageous and protective of their family and go to any extent to protect their family.

The Great Pyrenees needs socialization as early as possible. It would be great to start socialization in the starting days of puppyhood. If he is not socialized correctly, then he can become aggressive or fearful. He will not allow nonfamily members to come into the house or yard with or without your permission.

The Great Pyrenees loves to be in cool weather. They also love to go on car rides, so if you are taking your pyr on a ride, make sure to keep the air conditioner on high speed as your pyr will appreciate it.

Anyone who owns the Great Pyrenees knows that they cannot live without earplugs as this dog barks a lot. This is their work to protect the house from intruders, so they will bark a lot and define intruders.

They bark more at night because of their extraordinary sight and sound senses. They can detect wolves, deers, coyotes, raccoons, deers, and possum. His vocal style is different and will scare off these wild animals and keep your place and family safe.

The Great Pyrenees has a great sense of hearing, and they can hear intruders even when you have a lot of noises going on in your house. Your windows may be all closed, and you might be having the tv on in full sound, and they will still be able to detect the intruder because of their superb sense of sound.

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