Can You Guess These Akita Mix Breeds Quiz | 13 Q

The Akita dog breed is mighty, and its presence is noble and intimidating. The original use of this dog breed was guarding nobility and royalty of feudal japan. Akita was also used for hunting black bears, wild boars, and deer as well. They don't get frightened easily and don't back down easily. They are very much fearless and loyal guardians of their families. When properly trained and socialized, this dog breed can be pretty amusing and affectionate, and respectful. Akita sheds a lot, and you may also have to clean the drool from the floor once in a while if you bring home an Akita. Akita can also be stubborn sometimes, and they are not over-friendly with a stranger. Even though this can be an excellent trait for a watchdog, they would need an experienced trainer to interact with other animals or people. Akita + Lab (Labrakita) First-time owners should not get this breed as this needs an experienced pet owner. Dogs like this always make a solid companion for life with their human being, and they shower them with a huge source of love and happiness.  So you are up for matching the Akita's needs, or if you are still wondering if an Akita is right for me, you should read more about the breed and understand them better. Akita loves to be in cold weather and can tolerate it quite well. It has a nice and solid coat which keeps it warm from the cold weather. Akita doesn't like being alone, so if you plan to keep your dog alone, this is not a breed for you. This breed is not that easy to groom with all the drooling and shedding compared to it, so you need to be dedicated to having this dog breed. They also have the potential for weight gain, so you need to make sure your Akita exercises regularly and stays fit. There are also a lot of Akita mix breeds, and they make unique puppies. The features of two dog breeds coming together can make very nice-looking puppies.  We have made an Akita mix breed quiz in which you have to guess the Akita cross breeds and see your score at the end. So if you are a fan of the dog breed Akita or want to own a new Akita, you should play this quiz and understand how it looks with different dog breeds. We also have other Dogs Mix Breed Quiz, so you can play other dogs' quizzes after playing this one! So let's start with the is an Akita right for me quiz!  

No of Questions: 13

Difficulty Level: Medium

Rules: This is a mode where players can continue to the very end of the quiz even in case of an incorrect answer at the end of the quiz the user will see how many answers he has answered right/wrong.