Can You Guess These Shetland Sheepdog Mix Breeds | 15 Q

The Shetland Sheepdog is known to be one of the most attractive-looking dog breeds in the world. Sheltie's originate from the Shetland Islands, which is an island in Scotland. They were originally bred as herding dogs, but later on, they found their place in families and became one of the best dog breeds in the world. Shetland Sheepdog has a lot of qualities that make them suitable for family dogs. They are highly intelligent and very loyal to their families. They adapt pretty quickly to different situations. The best quality they have is being super duper cute dogs. When Shetland Sheepdogs are mixed with other dog breeds, they create a unique offspring with more cuteness and many abilities and features. They are also known as Shelties, and they resemble a lot of rough collies. They are also called miniature collies by mistake at times because they resemble the breed. They have the same ancestors, but they have been developed under different circumstances and quite different from each other. shetland sheepdog mixes The Shetland Sheepdog was bred as a sheep herding animal, and they were kind, intelligent, and exceptionally hardworking. Shelties crossbreeds are also very cute and unique. If you are looking for a new Shetland Sheepdog mix breed, check out our shetland sheepdog quiz.  In our Quiz, you have to guess the sheltie breed from the photo. If you are a shetland sheepdog fan, you should take our Quiz and see how many sheltie cross breeds you know. Do Share your results with your friends and other shetland sheepdog lovers. Let's play the Quiz!  

No of Questions: 20

Difficulty Level: Medium

Rules: This is a mode where players can continue to the very end of the quiz even in case of an incorrect answer at the end of the quiz the user will see how many answers he has answered right/wrong.