Does My Dog Respect Me Quiz

Dogs are lovely creatures, and they often send back the energy which they see around them. If you are a dog owner and you think your dog is not respecting you, then you have to understand what has gone wrong in the first place. Dogs need a lot of care and affection, and if they have any bad experiences with any human beings, that changes their behavior. In some cases, they stop resting their owner and other family members. Dogs don't understand the concept of respecting the way we human beings do. They think this will work, this won't work, or if this is safe or not. Dogs mostly behave to create a consequence of events they want and avoid the events they don't like, which they think are not safe. does my dog respect me quiz If you drop your food on the floor by accident and your dog comes with full speed towards it, and you ask him to back off, and he won't do that like always, that means the dog is not in your control. We may also think of this as a way of not respecting as the dog is not listening to your primary commands. Often dog owners think if they shout, they will have the edge over the dog, but that is not always the case. You have to be dominant but calm, or else they will think your action is not safe for them. When you go on a walk, and another dog is crossing your dog, and you want him to heel, and he instantly goes for the scent of another dog instead of listening to you. These instances can make a dog owner feel like the dog is not under their control and not respecting them. There can be various other instances where you might feel your dog is not respecting you. We have created a quiz in which you will have to answer a series of questions and get to know whether your dog respects you or not.  

No of Questions: 15

Difficulty Level: Easy