Can You Guess These Brittany Mix Breeds Quiz | 11 Q

Brittanys were developed to be gun dogs. They were earlier called Brittany spaniel, but the American kennel club dropped the word in 1982. Brittany is a versatile and energetic dog that can stay with family and protect and love them as well as work along with hunters than other pointing breeds. If you can meet Brittany's exercise and training needs, you will have a tremendous loyal dog. If you wonder if I should get a Brittany spaniel, you should read more about the breed. We have given many Brittany dog facts, so you should know more about them by the end of this quiz. Brittany dog breed needs an intense 1-hour exercise routine daily to suppress their energy levels. If you don't meet this need, then they can become neurotic as well as destructive. Brittany Spaniel Irish Setter Mix (Irish Brittany) Brittany is a brilliant dog, and they need mental stimulation as much as physical, so getting them into dog sports can be an excellent way to meet these dogs' needs.  Brittany doesn't cope up well with harsh treatment, so you have to be gentle and calm with them, but don't let them take over the house. Brittany cannot be kept alone for a long time, so if you are planning to leave Brittany at home for long hours, you should consider getting 2 Brittany's so they can accompany each other. Brittany is very good with children, but you should always be present when the dog is interacting with kids or small children. Brittany has a lot of energy, and they can hurt children unknowingly because of their enthusiasm. There are a lot of Brittany crossbreeds as well, which are beautiful and come with great features. If you plan to get a Brittany, you should also keep an eye on the Brittany mix breeds. We have made a Brittany dog quiz in which you have to guess the Brittany crossbreeds by looking at the picture. We have other dog breeds quizzes as well, so you can play those after playing this one. So let's start with the Brittany dog quiz.  

No of Questions: 11

Difficulty Level: Medium

Rules: This is a mode where players can continue to the very end of the quiz even in case of an incorrect answer at the end of the quiz the user will see how many answers he has answered right/wrong.