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The dog breed Finnish Lapphund is from the native Lapland, which is far north of Finland. The dog has a great herding instinct, and they are gentle and friendly. 

Finnish Lapphund do well in cold climates as they have a huge coat and great feet to tackle the colds. They do very well with their family, and they love other dogs as well. They also do well with children. 

Finnish Lapphund has enormous amounts of energy that have to be expelled, or they can become destructive. They need regular exercise and daily walks, and a lot of playtime activities. This will help in expelling all the energy this dog possesses.

Finnish Lapphund was a herding dog and used to work with the semi-nomadic Sami people by herding reindeer for them. In today’s time, they also have an excellent herding instinct, which can be used for different jobs like herding livestock.

Finnish Lapphund is an intelligent dog, and they are easy to train. They are easy to groom and have the potential for weight gain, so they need regular exercise. 

Finnish Lapphund has some prey drive, so you have to be aware that they don’t go behind small animals and hunt them. They hate hot weather and being alone.

Finnish Lapphund comes in around five color coats: Sable, Red, White, Black, and Brown. Their nose color possibility is black. Finnish Lapphund has a double coat, so they need regular brushing weekly.

finnish lapphund facts

It is essential to brush behind their ears, under their armpits, and the groin area. This helps in preventing matting in those areas. 

Finnish Lapphund needs a lawn or outdoor area for exercise routines, so keeping them in an apartment or a tiny house is not ideal. The Finnish Lapphund doesn’t have a dodgy odor like other dogs, so you only need to bathe them when needed.

The Finnish Lapphund is from the Arctic Circle, so it is suitable for colder climates. It would help if you did not leave the Finnish Lapphund alone for long hours cause they will start learning negative habits such as chewing or barking.

Finnish Lapphund has a staying in the pack mentality, so they love to be with their family and are eager to please their loved ones with loyalty and love. This dog breed is a quick learner, and they can be independent and strong-willed. 

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