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The dog breed Pekingese has been bred for centuries to be the loyal members of the Chinese imperial family. In today’s time, these dogs also make good family members and show dogs who greet new people with grace and love.

The Pekingese is a dog that can stay with anyone and anybody, including people who stay in apartments and novice dog owners. They do tend to bark, so your neighbors may not be happy with it at times.

The Pekingese also stick to one person who is their caretaker, and they are very much loyal to them. It’s better to avoid houses where there are children as they can injure them during rough play. It’s better to have a Pekingese in a home with teens and adults.

If you meet all the needs of the dog breed, then you will have a loyal and loving companion who will always be by your side. A Pekingese will meet you with pride and dignity. 

The Pekingese is an intelligent dog, but they also have an offset: their stubborn streak and independent mind. Training the Pekingese can sometimes be challenging because they think they are in charge of all situations, so making them do what you can be difficult. If you make them feel that it is up to their advantage, then they will do it.

Pekingese do not like being treated with harsh training or discipline, which can even make them defensive and resort to biting in some cases. The Pekingese is very good with its family, and most of the time, it is aloof, and they also vary among strangers most of the time.

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Some Pekingese tend to bark a lot, so you have to teach them exactly when to stop barking. They are courageous, and if they decide to defend themselves, they can do it till death.

Small size dogs are suitable for families with toddlers, but Pekingese is not one of them as toddlers can hurt and injure this dog without meaning to do so. The peke doesn’t like being poked or grabbed, and they can start to defend themselves. It’s better to monitor all the situations when Pekingese and children of any age are together.

Pekingese don’t get along with other dog breeds. They love being with other Pekingese, and it can even take them a lot of time to get used to other dogs or pets in the household.

If you do proper early socialization of Pekingese with different dogs, places, sights, sounds, etc., they can get together with other cats and dogs and other pets. You have to be in charge and check any active play with Pekingese and others as the round eyes of Pekingese can be easily injured with a swipe of a claw or paw.

We have given many Pekingese facts in this post, so if you are wondering if a Pekingese is suitable for me, you should play our Pekingese trivia.

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