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The Puggle is a mixed breed dog between Pug and Beagle dog breeds. They have become trendy due to their unique looks and fun-loving nature.

Puggle is a great dog breed that gets along well with kids and children, and they also do well along with other dogs in the house if properly socialized at an early age.

Puggles are lovely family companions, and you should be aware that they enjoy barking sometimes, but this mix breed is brilliant and loving in nature.

They may not be eager to please you while training. The Puggle has wrinkles from the pug and ears, tail, and longer muzzle from the beagle. A look that is similar to the dog breed Miniature Mastiffs.

The Puggle was bred first in the 1990s, and their unique look and fantastic personality made them very popular since that time. Puggle is a crossbreed that was intentionally bred with two specific breeds kept in mind to get the best of both worlds.

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Puggle gets its laidback personality from the pug, and it gets a longer nose from the beagle, which can make breathing easier for them. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn’t, as it all depends on the genetics of the parent breeds.

Puggle is a very active dog breed, and they do not laze around much. They play with their total energy outdoors as well as indoors. They will race around the living room and any place available for them in the house to run.

Some Puggles love to dig outdoors. You should give your Puggle at least 30 minutes of exercise per day to keep it physically and mentally fit. They can even be your walking companion, but if you want to go jogging, Puggles may not be the right choice.

You should give your Puggle agility training as that is best to provide him with speed runs he needs. Puggles are intelligent dogs, but they won’t always be eager to please.

Both the parent breeds of Puggles are not easy to train breeds and are also stubborn at times. You should use the positive reinforcement training technique with Puggles and give them food rewards or just praise them and keep the training sessions short and sweet.

Puggles are great social dogs, and they can be with almost everyone. They usually love to be around children, and they also don’t show any aggression towards other dogs.

Puggles cant be good guard dogs, but they will bark when someone is at the door. Some Puggles can be howlers which is a trait that comes from the parent breed beagle.

The Puggle can be an adorable dog breed, but you should know that they sometimes get the worst characteristics from the parent breeds, pug and beagle.

We have given a lot of puggle facts and information, so now, if you are wondering if I should get a puggle, you should play our puggle quiz.

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