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The mixed-breed Shihpoo is a cross between Poodle and Shih Tzu dog breeds. They are small and cuddly dogs who also happen to be hypoallergenic. This breed has got some of the best traits from its parent breeds.

The Shihpoo also has different names such as Pooshi, Shoodle and don’t get confused with Poo-Shi, a mixed breed of Shiba Inu and Poodle. Even though the Shihpoo is a designer dog, they are still found at local breed-specific rescues and shelters.

The dog Shihpoo makes a great companion for almost anyone, but they are the most suitable for a retired senior. They love being pampered and loved by their humans.

The Shihpoo is a versatile crossbreed dog who can thrive in almost any kind of home setting, be it a house with a family or a tiny apartment or a place in the middle of nowhere.

The Shihpoos can do well with families or single owners, but you need to make sure that you give them the love and attention they need. Please don’t keep your Shihpoos outside, or else they would need regular vet checkups and grooming, dental cleanings, etc.

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If your Shihpoo has inherited stubbornness and territorial marking, frequent potty breaks can also help. The Shihpoos are not that old, and they were recently bred in native America. The poodle dog parent comes from Germany, and the Shih Tzu comes from the Chinese side.

If you want to own a Shihpoo, you should not spend hundreds of dollars; instead, you can check for local shelters and rescues as sometimes some of the Shihpoos wind up there from people who are not ready for a long term commitment of owning a dog.

The size of the Shihpoo is not really always fixed, but they tend to be the small size as the size mostly depends on the Shih Tzu parent and toy poodle parent.

Shihpoo can be a bit stubborn if you take this trait from the parent Shih Tzu, but what they lack in training can make up tenfold in their personality. Shih Tzu’s are funny, attentive, cute, and the other parent poodle is known to be active, intelligent, and trainable.

Shihpoo is the size of your average lap dog, and they are playful and active. They also have moderate energy levels, which means they can sleep on your lap for hours.

Shihpoo also enjoys walks and thrives on playtime. They may not be that eager to learn and understand new tricks, but they love getting attention and interacting.

We have given a lot of Shih poo facts and information, so if you are wondering if a Shih-poo is right for me, you should play our shihpoo quiz.

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