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West Highland White Terrier is a dog breed from Scotland, and they belong to the terrier group of dogs. They are known for having great self-esteem, and they know they are the best thing around. 

West Highland White Terrier is always on the lookout for a good mood, and they will keep entertaining you and themselves. West Highland White Terriers are also known as “Westie” which means short. 

West Highland White Terrier is quite friendly, and a pleased dog, and they love everyone around them. This breed is an excellent addition to anyone who wants a dog as they can live in small apartments and big houses. 

When it comes to westies, you need to give them enough exercise and playtime daily to get away to release their energy.

West Highland White Terrier is a perfect dog when it comes to an understanding what its owners want from him. They are not temperamental or pushy, and they are not stubborn as well. Westies wish to know their part in your plan, and they can work on playing their role in the plan.

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In the early days, West Highland White Terrier was developed for ratting and hunting. The westie started thinking on its own, and in today’s time, they still have this trait which they enjoy. 

West Highland White Terriers have a great instinct to work, and nowadays, this instinct is channeled towards obedience and agility competitions. This is a better use of his traits rather than killing rodents.

West Highland White Terrier is also a good therapy dog, and they also participate in search and rescue operations. He is also known to play in tracking, flyball, and earth dog tests. As an owner, you can put all your energy into one of these tasks, and they will keep doing great in them.

West Highland White Terrier is a family dog most of the time, and they love to spend their time with their antics and entertaining the family. He is not a one-person dog and socializes with everyone, even strangers and children of all ages. 

West Highland White Terrier can stay well with multiple dogs in houses, and he is friendly with other dogs in the house. Westie also does well with cats and sometimes chases them in the house, but most of the time, he is friendly with the kittens.

West Highland White Terrier can stay at home alone, and if you train them properly, they will not even bark much, so they are good suitable dogs for people who have to keep the pet alone for hours. Westie is also a good traveler, so if you plan to take your dog for big vacations or small errands, then the westie can be your partner.

The best way to train a westie is positive reinforcement with consistency. If you follow this training protocol in activities, you will have a well-trained West Highland White Terrier.

If you are a fan of West Highland White Terrier, then you should play our westie quiz. We have given many Westie facts and information, so it should be easy to finish the quiz.