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The dog breed Basenji is from Africa’s Congo region. This dog breed can hunt by their smell and scent, and they were initially used for hunting small rodents and putting them into the nets by scaring them.

Basenji was used for controlling the rodents population in the village. These days they have become the furry family member who is loving and caring to its members. 

Basenji’s are very clever, and they can be excellent companions for the family or the person, and they need to be one step ahead of the dog. These are beautiful dogs for apartment living, and they are also suitable for first-time dog owners.

The dog breed basenji has a lot of energy, so you need to provide them enough physical exercise and activities to exert that energy. You should be committed to plenty of playtimes and walks.

This dog is also known as a barkless dog in Africa. They have a muscular body, a short coat and erect ears, and a curly tight tail, which makes people admire the basenji. 

Some people don’t research the breed and buy it directly, which can cause issues as basenji has a unique personality and temperament. Without doing proper research about the species, the owners can become frustrated or disappointed.

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The basenji is a very highly intelligent dog, but it has a stubborn streak that goes a mile wide, and the term willing to please is unknown to them. This dog can know all the tricks and commands you teach them but showing them on time can be a decision.

Basenji will help you keep your valuables in place and out of reach from them as they are fans of chewing anything that is placed outside the house or just lying on the floor. 

Basenji is also known as an escape artist, and once this dog breed decides to go elsewhere, then even a largely fenced yard won’t stop them from going. They are bright and will find out ways to get out of the house or the yard. 

The basenji is not a total silent dog sometimes, he screams, and sometimes he whines and growls like a usual dog. This dog is an excellent watchdog, and it can be pretty helpful for someone who wants to protect their house.

Basenji also sheds very little, so anyone who loves to keep their house clean and tidy can choose the basenji dog breed. The basenji stands up to an intruder with everything he has, and his courage is immaculate.

Basenji is good with dog sports, and they excel as lure coursing which is hunt by sight. They can also do well in agility dog sports, but obedience can be a challenge. If you find a creative idea and make the dog think it is his idea, he can also be successful at obedience sports.

We have given a lot of basenji facts, so if you are thinking should I get a basenji quiz, then you should play our basenji trivia. 

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