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The dog breed Whippet is known for hunting, its speed, and he is known as a hunter’s best friend. He used to go after rabbits and other small animals. The dog breed competes in various dog sports such as flyball, agility, rally, obedience, and lure coursing. He is also a perfect therapy dog.

The Whippet has a unique personality and is very friendly and stylish, making them a great companion. This dog can even stay in an apartment if his energy needs are met.

The Whippet doesn’t like being left alone for long hours at home, so you have to be there for your dog when he needs you. The Whippet can become a great family companion, but they are not as great as watchdogs as they hardly bark and don’t even bark at strangers.

The Whippet comes with a short, dense coat and comes with a variety of colors and markings. The Whippet is not a miniature greyhound, but they are crossbred with greyhounds and other miniature terriers and Italian greyhounds.

The result of this mix breeding was an affectionate and loving Whippet. The Whippet is also known as an all-rounder dog. They also go with their independent temperament, so some Whippet’s do well in obedience trials.

To keep your Whippet from fearing situations, early socialization is needed, and they need to have experience of different sights, sounds, places, people, etc. They are usually friendly with other dogs and people.

If you own a cat, you should be aware cause there have been instances where the Whippet has killed some of the family’s cats. Some of the Whippet’s stay well with cats and other furred animals, but this depends from case to case. They have a strong prey drive so that they can go after cats or other small animals.

whippet facts and information

The Whippet has to be given early socialization with other pets, and you should always supervise the situation when the Whippet is with other pets and cats.

The Whippet is also not to be kept off-leash when outdoors cause they can go behind anything worth chasing, and some of the well trained Whippet’s can also deny your commands and follow their instinct.

Whippet’s love to take daily walks with their owners, and they also do well in a fenced yard and love to shed off their high energy. The Whippet can be naughty and playful with children. When they are home, they won’t demand much apart from your time and attention.

Their affectionate nature and thin coat make them unsuited to live outdoors. The Whippet loves to snuggle with you on the sofa after an active day.

We have given a lot of whippet facts and information, so if you are wondering should I get a whippet quiz, then you should play this Whippet trivia. We also have a dog breed identification quiz you can play that too after this one.

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