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Borzoi is a dog breed from Russia which was developed for hunting and coursing. These hounds used to hunt in a team of 3-4 dogs. They usually went after foxes, rabbits, and wolves. With time they became famous for royalty across continental Europe.

Borzoi is a pretty laidback dog breed that can make even apartment living despite being a large-sized dog. They don’t like being kept alone at home for long hours during the day. This dog breed is sensitive, and they need a companion.

The coat of Borzoi sheds a lot, and they need a lot of maintenance on your part. Borzoi can be a great couch potato buddy, but you have to put a lot of effort into meeting the dog’s needs. 

The Borzoi dog breed is a breed of elegance as it has a unique look that consists of a Lean body, long and narrow head, silky coat. Before bringing this elegant dog breed to your home, you need to ask yourself is a borzoi right for me.

Borzoi would prefer to do a quick sprint instead of a long walk, and they would like to rest on their favorite sofas after the run. They are not high-energy dogs. If you plan to spend the weekend on the couch, then the Borzoi would like to be your partner.

The Borzoi has a relaxed mood and elegant appearance, but this is not a showpiece dog for your place. This giant breed thinks a lot with their mind, and they require companionship. Hey, it may not be a good choice for people who plan to stay away from home for long day hours.

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The Borzoi has a double coat that has kept him safe in the Russian winters and shed heavily. Their size is also significant, so that can be considered while bringing him into a house with toddlers or children.

The Borzoi is a gentle dog breed, but their enthusiasm can knock off toddlers by mistake or while playing when they are puppies. They are athletic dogs, and that helps them in participating in dog sports. They are great with agility and obedience as well as a rally.

The main space where Borzoi shines is the lure coursing field to show his natural chasing skills. In the western states, sometimes the Borzoi is used to course jackrabbit in an open area. Some farmers also use them as security against coyotes for their livestock.

The Borzoi is not longer into hunting much, and its main job is to be a loyal companion to the family. Their gentle behavior and elegance help them in mastering the ability to please their owners and family.

If you are a fan of Borzoi or plan to get a Borzoi soon, you should read more about borzoi facts and information. It would help if you played our borzoi quiz to see how much you know about the breed.

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