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The dog breed Cavapoo is a mixed breed between Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breeds. Cavapoo is playful, curious, and an outgoing dog breed with some of the best traits from their parent breeds.

There are many names for Cavapoo’s such as Cavadoodle, Cavoodle, and others. Even though these are designer dogs, they can still be found in specific breed rescues and shelters.

Cavapoo is a great breed, and they want a lot of attention, and they are outgoing. They make great family pets and love everyone in the family. They can be fine in a smaller setting, but they thrive in a pack setting.

If you are looking for a playful and loyal dog, you should go for Cavapoo. They would join you in couch snuggling sessions or romp around you in the house.

Cavapoo’s have a variety of coats such as Fawn, chestnut, chocolate, cream, white, and gold. Some Cavapoo has solid colors or tricolors, but they have chestnut and white most of the time.

Cavapoo has short coats, which are usually wavy or curly. They would need weekly brushing, and they shed less, so they get along well with people who have allergies.

Cavapoo loves everyone in the family, but they love to spend time with kids or children in the house. You should always be there for supervision when Cavapoo is playing with children.

This fragile dog breed can get injured because of aggressive playing, so you need to make sure your kids know how to play with dogs gently.

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The dog breed Cavapoo has always naturally existed globally, but in 1990 the designer breeders started breeding them in Australia. The designers wanted to take the outgoing and calm approach from the cavalier king chares spaniel and the intelligence of a poodle.

As poodles also shed less, they were chosen for this cause they wanted to make dog breeds for the allergy sufferers. The breeders continued to make new puppies as the demand for Cavapoo puppies increased significantly.

As the Cavapoo is relatively a new breed, there are a few standards when it comes to their size, and most of the time, they come in small to medium size, and this depends on the size of the poodle parent.

Most of the Cavapoo’s range from nine to 25 pounds, and their height is generally is 9 to 14 inches at the shoulder. The Cavapoo’s have become very popular recently as they have a winning and amicable personality.

They are very well known for being great family dogs as they are outgoing, playful, and have affectionate nature. This breed doesn’t like to be left alone for hours or get separation anxiety if they are not adequately trained or socialized.

We have given a lot of information about Cavapoo so if you are a fan of this breed you want to get one, you should play our cavapoo quiz. You have to answer questions based on the species and see how much you score on the quiz.

So let’s start with the cavapoo quiz!

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