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If your dog becomes restless when you are getting ready to go out and start destroying stuff, and if your follows you from one room to another when you come back home and goes berserk when you come back, you may be dealing with a case of separation anxiety in a dog.

Your dog can even give you suspicious looks when you are leaving. Dogs get way too attached to some owners, and when they are left alone for long hours, they start having separation anxiety.

Signs Of Separation Anxiety In Dogs

  • Scratching the door when and after you leave
  • They start digging
  • They stay at the window to see their owner
  • They begin with destructive chewing
  • They start barking and howling
  • They start whining
  • They start urinating
  • They start defecting
  • They start ripping furniture
  • They try to escape
  • They start pacing around the house
  • They start spinning in circles
  • They start shaking when left alone

What Causes Separation Anxiety In Dogs?

There is no specific reason and understanding why some dogs suffer from separation anxiety, and others don’t. You have to understand your dog’s behavior is a part of a panic response. They just try to punish you and want you to come home.

  • The first time they are left alone
  • They are left unattended when they want human contact the most
  • They suffer from a traumatic event
  • Change in family’s routine
  • Loss of a family member
  • Loss of other pet of the house
  • Change in family’s structure
does my dog have separation anxiety quiz

Ways To Treat Minor Separation Anxiety

  1. When you leave or come back home, please don’t talk to your dog like it’s a big deal. Be calm and speak to them like everything’s normal.
  2. Have a word of contact which you can use whenever you leave so your dog knows that you will be back.
  3. Try to take a product from the counter product which calms the dog and reduces the fear and anxiety in the dog.

Ways To Handle Severe Separation Anxiety In Dogs

We have given some techniques which you can use along with desensitization training. Teach your dog down stay and sit-stay commands with positive reinforcement.

This can help them understand that it’s safe to stay calm in one place when you go to another room. Mental exercise and physical activity are essential in a dog’s life and reduce stress and anxiety.

Always make sure your dog has had adequate exercise before you leave. It would be great to take your dog to new places cause going to the same city blocks won’t reduce anxiety, but sniffing recent locations will help the dog.

We have given a lot of information about separation anxiety in dogs, so if you wonder if my dog has separation anxiety, you should play ours. Does my dog have a separation anxiety quiz?

In this dogs quiz, you will be asked questions about dogs and anxiety and how they behave when you are around and not there, so take the quiz and see how much you score.

So let’s start with this does my dog have a separation anxiety quiz!

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