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The dog breed German Shorthaired Pointer is famous for its versatility. They are known for sport hunting games of different types and also retrieving stuff on land and water. 

The breed comes with an easy-to-go coat, but it needs intense and vigorous physical activity sessions each day to balance its energy levels. 

They can be great companions of you and your family if you provide them with physical and mental challenges that they need and crave regularly. 

German Shorthaired Pointer’s need a good amount of space for roaming around and having their physical activity sessions. So apartment owners and people who stay away for long hours should consider this when owing a German Shorthaired Pointer. They will indulge in destructive behavior if they are kept in isolation or without exercise.

German Shorthaired Pointer excels as a family companion, so if you are not going to make them hunt, which is their instinct, they can also chill with you on the sofa and play with kids in the evening.

German Shorthaired Pointer usually has a docked tail. They have almond-shaped eyes and a chiseled head, they have big dropped ears, but their sleek liver coat is the most important aspect of German Shorthaired Pointer’s appearance. 

This is an intelligent and energetic dog breed, and they are very good with family and children. They can be unsafe with small children, so you always have to be there when young children are around a German Shorthaired Pointer. 

German Shorthaired Pointer is a little small in size compared to pointers. They have this people-pleasing personality, which makes them have this experience again and again so this is why you should not keep them alone for long hours or they can be bored and destructive.

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They need companionship and exercise throughout the day, so you should only go for a German Shorthaired Pointer if you have what it takes to complete that.

The german shorthaired pointer dog needs a lot of exercise daily, so you have to make sure to give him at least one or two hours of training daily so that they can balance their energy. 

If you have a pool, they would be your favorite pool buddy as they have webbed feet and water-resistant coats and love to swim. They can spend hours with you in the pool. 

The german shorthaired pointer can learn new exercises reasonably quickly, and they are not that stubborn too, so it becomes easy to train them and play with them. They have one issue: they can get bored quickly, so keeping them focused on the training session is the biggest priority.

The best part about this german shorthaired pointer breed is that they can be both hunter and retriever. They can also perform all gundog roles virtually. They can hunt deer, rabbits, raccoons, upland birds, and waterfowl. 

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