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The Keeshond is an ancient dog breed from the 17th and 18th centuries. He was once a companion and watchdog for the boats that traveled the rivers and holland canals. In today’s time, they are known to be great companions.

The Keeshond is a people pleaser, and they love to thrive on human beings and please them. They will participate in all family activities and entertain everyone. 

The Keeshond is an alert, lively and intelligent dog breed. These are the qualities because of which they got the status of most special dog breed of holland. 

They also make excellent apartment dogs, but there is one issue: they bark a lot. Your neighbors may not like the sound of a Keeshond barking regularly.

If you are a person who stays away from the house for long hours, then the Keeshond may not be the suitable breed for you as they dont like being left alone for long hours.

The Keeshond is a dog of medium size and has a mixed color coat consisting of gray, black, and cream and a plummed tail. They were also known as “Dutch barge dogs” cause they were the watchdogs on the barges and boats of rivers and canals of holland.

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The Keeshond will alert you with a bark when some unknown person comes, but when the owner brings someone home, they will love them like crazy. In reality, they are not that good of a watchdog.

The Keeshond loves to hang out in cool weather. So he would love to spend time outside when the weather is crisp, but he is not a yard dog as he is more people-oriented. He loves to be inside the house more and spend time with his family.

The Keeshond loves to play with kids and nicely spends time with them. Adults should always be there to supervise when dogs are playing with children. They also get along well with other dogs and pets if they are introduced to them early.

Apart from being a great family pet, the Keeshond also plays dog sports like rally competition, obedience, and conformation. He is also great at agility competitions cause of is sure-footed.

The Keeshond can become too bored if you keep him alone for long hours and bark a lot. The Keeshond is not like some independent breeds. He is more into family and companionship, so if you are looking for a dog with this criteria, this is the dog breed for you.

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