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The Giant Schnauzer was developed to be a working dog, and they are pretty intelligent. They can be one of the most loyal dog breeds if their training and physical needs are met. They also need a lot of attention, so make sure you give them proper attention.

The Giant Schnauzer is originally from Germany, and they had jobs over there like working in butcher shops, driving cattle, and even guarding breweries. They are high-energy dog breeds and need lots of space to run around and shed that energy.

They don’t do well in an apartment due to space restrictions, and they also don’t do well with first-time pet owners, so they need advanced pet owners who know how to train and care for these types of dog breeds.

If you want an energetic companion and a loyal guardian, the Giant Schnauzer is a great choice. The Giant Schnauzer is the biggest of the 3 Schnauzer breeds. They have a rugged build and commanding appearance. 

This is a dog that has a big personality, and they are intelligent and independent. They like to think for themselves and do things in their way at times. They’re even a handful for experienced dog owners at times. 

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If the Giant Schnauzer is trained well, then there are no limits to its capabilities. They participate in many dog sports such as tracking, carting, agility, obedience, and herding. 

The Giant Schnauzer was initially used for driving cattle to the markets, and they also do well as guard and police dogs. Recently they have also started working as search and rescue group dogs and drug detection dogs.

The Giant Schnauzer also has a loving side which makes it an excellent choice for therapy dogs. The favorite activity of a Giant Schnauzer is to be with his people and spend time with them. 

If you want to know how to live with a Giant Schnauzer successfully, you should provide them with mental and physical stimulation. They also need regular training in time and also socialization from the puppyhood stage.

It is easy to train the Giant Schnauzer if you are consistent, as they are intelligent dogs and learn very quickly. It would help if you did not let their talent go waste, so always occupy them with a job and give them things to find and ticks to do and find stuff for you.

You have to make sure that your Giant Schnauzer doesn’t get bored as they will turn destructive. The best way to keep them from getting bored is to give them enough exercise throughout the day. 

The Giant Schnauzer loves to do exercise, and you should give him an hour of intense daily routine, and they also love to join their owners for long walks and jogging.

The Giant Schnauzer doesn’t really do well in an apartment as they need ample space to roam around and an adequately secured fenced yard. They are not outdoor dogs and love to be indoors with their family.

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