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The Norfolk Terriers is known for being a big dog in a small size. These are hard-working terrier dogs, and they love their companion a lot sometimes. They even get jealous of them being shared. They have a heart of a working terrier.


The Norfolk Terriers get along well with almost anyone. They are very good with other pets in the house if they are raised and socialized well. 

The Norfolk Terriers can be an excellent choice for new dog owners, and people who stay in apartments can also go for this breed. They are very well suitable for any living situation. They are known for hunting vermin in the past, and they can pretty much keep your house clean from rats or other rodents.

The Norfolk Terriers need a lot of exercises as this dog may look small, but they have very high energy, and this has to be dispersed through physical activities such as walks, playing fetch, etc.

They are not couch potatoes or lap dogs as they will need a lot of stimulation, and without that, they can be bored and depressed. They would love to spend time with you on the couch and hug you, but they also enjoy physical and mental stimulation.

This breed is alert and fearless and can take on with anyone for you. They love to dig like all terriers, and you should give him a spot to dig in our backyard or some closeby space.

The Norfolk Terriers can never be a dull dog with all that energy they can always make you happy. This dog breed had been called by many other names, such as Cantab terriers, when they were kept as pets by Cambridge university students. They were also called trumpeting terriers which are named after the street where the breed was developed. They were also called jones terriers because of the first person who imported them to the united states of America.

The Norfolk Terriers is always ready for a chase, so he will go after it if he spots any vermin or even a fox. These are generally dogs with a happy attitude, and they also go well with children if they are brought up with them.

This dog can be happy and make a lot of noise, but they only do so when the need arises in any situation. You should provide your Norfolk Terriers with a lot of toys so that they can spend their time and entertain themselves.

When going for a walk or outside, it is always advisable to keep your Norfolk Terriers on leash cause if they spot even a rabbit, squirrel, or other small animals, they will charge and chase them.

The Norfolk Terriers can be difficult to house train, so you must use the crate training method. They love to be a part of the activities in the house and outside too.

We have given a lot of Norfolk terrier information facts, so if you wonder if I should get a Norfolk terrier, you should play our Norfolk terrier trivia. In this quiz, you will have to test your Norfolk terrier knowledge.

So let’s start with the Norfolk terrier quiz.