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The dog breed Irish Terrier is known as a poor man’s sentinel and a farmer’s friend and also known for being a gentleman’s favorite. 

The Irish Terrier has a lot of advantages, from his convenient size to his high trainability. The Irish Terrier is a lovely dog breed that has a lot of affection for humans, and they also love to be the sole pet of the house.

This dog breed has a lot of energy, so you have to provide them with extensive exercise sessions. People who stay in apartments and come home late from work should think twice before getting an Irish Terrier. 

If you can provide them plenty of exercise and attention and provide them good space to move, you would have a fun, loving, lifelong companion.

The Irish Terrier should be socialized at an early age, and they need early training as well. This dog is independent-spirited, and can learn things quickly, and are extremely intelligent.

If you can trick your dog into thinking that the training is his idea, he will cross all his limits and try to please you and meet his exercise goals. The Irish Terrier has an inborn ability to protect their loved ones, so you have to be careful of that all the time.

Irish Terrier is a good watchdog as they will bark when they see anything new and alarm their owners. Some of the dogs can be heavy barkers if they are not stopped from an early stage. You can thank the dog or some other command or play some game so the barking can be controlled.

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Irish Terrier can make perfect companions, especially when given early socialisations, and these experiences make them great people’s dogs.

It’s an excellent choice to have someone home all day if you own an Irish Terrier. They are not that active indoors and don’t mind resting with you in the house, but they need daily exercise, and a secured fence is also a good idea.

The Irish Terrier is known for his hunting skills, and they have a strong desire to seek and destroy vermin. They also need to be kept on a leash while walking to follow their instinct if left loose. 

They can go after objects that are moving rapidly and won’t care where that chase is taking them so for their safety, and it’s better to keep them on a leash while walking in parks and public places.

The Irish Terrier also loves to be around children and play with them. If you have young children or a toddler at home, you should always supervise when dogs and children are together. This will help in preventing injury to both the dog and child both. It’s a good idea to raise the dogs along with children, so they get comfortable with each other.

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