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Saluki is known for being one of the oldest dog breeds in the world. These are fast-running dogs with a body as skinny as a model and are very quiet and devoted to their owners.

A Saluki can be straightforward to groom as they only have hair around their ears and legs and the smooth Saluki has hair only around the ears. These dogs can be challenging to train as they are fast-speed dogs and do things a bit differently.

The Saluki cannot be trusted when outside as they are fast runners and excellent jumpers, so they can chase any game if spotted off-leash.

The Saluki is not suitable for apartment living as they need a lot of space to roam around. They do best in a house with a fenced yard where they can run around and spend their energy. They have high prey drive, so they can wander off to chase the game if the yard is not fenced correctly.

is a saluki right for me

The Saluki will do best with an experienced dog owner rather than a new dog owner cause they need someone who can be firm and consistent during training and give them proper exercise daily.

If you provide love and care for the Saluki they crave, you can get the best lifelong companion. The word Saluki means noble, and this was given to them by the Arabs. They also thought this dog breed was a gift from Allah.

The origins of this dog breed come from the sands of time. They have a long and narrow head and have a muscular body. They were bred for strength, endurance, and speed and also for chasing gazelles.

The Saluki is a reserved dog, and they love to show their devotion quietly and dont be too demonstrative. Not everyone gets the honor of friendship from the Saluki’s, but the ones who do are the lucky ones.

The Saluki has a speed of 30-35 miles per hour on average, and these dogs are focused on any movement, be it a squirrel or a cat or some car. Once their hunting brain gets activated, they can start with the chase.

The Saluki needs to be protected by his owner with a leash or in a properly fenced yard cause most of the time, they die beneath the wheels of a car while chasing. The Saluki’s living in the country have been known to hunt raccoons, foxes, otters, goats, deers, snakes.

The Saluki does well in dog sports such as agility, lure coursing, and flyball. Some of them participate in tracking and obedience too.

When the Saluki is inside, the sofa is their favorite place to chill as they need some comfort for their boney body. They will also scout your kitchen counter with their long skinny muzzle.

We have given a lot of Saluki information and facts, so if you wonder if a Saluki is right for me, you should play our Saluki trivia. In this dog quiz, you need to answer questions regarding the Saluki dog.

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