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The dog breed Scottish Terrier is known for being independent and stubborn, and they are also sensitive to blame or praise. They can be pretty hilarious and intelligent, making them an excellent terrier dog, which is also a good watchdog.

The Scottish Terrier is not a fan of running or jogging, but they would love to accompany you for walks and spend time with you. They don’t bark much, but they have a powerful bark that can scare off a burglar or a delivery person.

The Scottish Terrier is terrific at earth dog and agility trials. They are even great rodent killers, and you will have a rodent-free yard, but you also have to look out for the holes they have dug.

This dog breed was initially bred for hunting foxes and badgers. The Scottie is pretty intelligent and independent, which draws many pet owners to this breed, but they are also aloof at times. 

The Scottish Terrier doesn’t get comfortable and trust strangers, and they take their own time to figure out a proper response to the strangers. If they decide to be friends, then they are loyal and will be friends for life.

The Scottie is pretty intelligent and never really forgets things, and they are loyal and brave too. They don’t need much physical exercise, but a short walk would suffice if you live in an apartment. The Scottie is gentle and calm with children and gives extra care to the elderly, so this is an overall great companion for the family.

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They are good with children, but they should be kept away from babies and toddlers as the Scottish Terrier tends to bite to anything that pulls them, and this is their way of standing up for themself.

If you keep your Scottish Terrier in your yard, be prepared for multiple dug holes as the Scottie loves exploring, and he won’t get to know that you may not like it. They even chase prey’s outside of your yard and can even go in traffic, so a fenced yard is a compulsion with a Scottish Terrier.

The Scottish Terrier has a style of giving a loud bark. Overall, they are not as yappy as other Terrier’s. Still, they can understand the difference between a friend walking and a burglar walking into your house to give you that sound alarm whenever necessary.

The Scottie is a bit difficult to train as they were bred to work independently without any direction from others. They won’t look at you or ask you what has to e done next. They will decide on their own and do stuff.

This is one of the reasons Scottish Terrier scores less in obedience rallies. He is not untrainable. It’s just that he sets his course and follows it.

This dog breed doesn’t do well with aggressive training as he has a kind heart, and it can be broken with some anger or wrong commands. The best way to train Scottish Terrier is to do it via positive reinforcement.

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