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The Italian Greyhound was known for being the favorite companion of the noblewomen of Italy in the middle ages. This breed was more than a small hound. They have speed, endurance, and determination to hunt small game.

These days the Italian Greyhound is a well-known family dog breed, and they also participate in dog sports agility, obedience, and rally competitions. The Italian Greyhound can adapt very well in an apartment, and they are also comfortable with other dogs and pets, and even kids in the house.

Even beginner dog parents will be in love with the easy-to-groom dog breed. However, you should know that they dont like to stay alone for long hours during day time. These are sensitive dogs and need companionship.

If you provide them enough exercise and love, then you should have a great furry best friend. This dog breed has been in many vintage paintings, so you must have seen one in any illustrations or art.

This elegant and slender is the smalled of the hounds family who hunts by sight instead of smell. They are cousins with Greyhound, who is big.

The Italian Greyhound is also known as ” IG,” and they will try to chase anything moving.

Make sure your Italian Greyhound is always protected cause these hounds can run up to 25 miles per hour, and once they shoot, they would be tough to catch.

The Italian Greyhound is small but always ready for some physical exercise as they have intense energy. A physically fit IG would be a great jogging partner.

italian greyhound information and facts

The Italian Greyhound is a bit reserved and shy with other people but very affectionate and gentle with their family members. They are small in size, but they have a deep bark which is a good trait for a watchdog, but they are not that fit to protect.

The Italian Greyhound can be difficult to housetrain, and some dogs are never totally trustworthy in the house. The Italian Greyhound needs some basic cleanup, and life with an IG can be restful and peaceful.

They love to snuggle with their family members for a while and then run around the house and jump on tabletops and furniture. The Italian Greyhound has cat-like love for high places, so they will try to go on windowsills, backs of the chairs, and other high places where they can reach and rest.

The older Italian greyhounds are sedate would love to spend the time with you. One of the favorite pastimes of an Italian Greyhound is to sunbathe on a sunny day. They love to be warm and are a bit fussy with being wet or cold.

We have given a lot of Italian greyhound information and facts, so if you are wondering if an Italian greyhound is right for me quiz, then you should play our Italian greyhound trivia.

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