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The Australian Cattle Dog is an intelligent and active dog breed. It is a dog breed developed by the Australian settlers to herd cattle in the ranches, and even today, they are used as herding dogs.

This do breed loved doing a job and also being part of family activities. They are very much loyal to their families and are a bit skeptical of strangers. 

Apart from herding, they are also good at dog sports such as agility, rally, flyball, obedience, and flying disc competitions. 

People thinking of bringing this dog to an apartment should be aware that this dog needs a lot of mental and physical activity to need a lot of room for the same. If they don’t get enough physical activity, they can get easily bored and become very destructive.

If you have ample space in your apartment or a lawn with fencing, this is a great dog breed for you as they would enjoy running around your place and shed off those energy reserves. 

The Australian Cattle Dog is also known as Australian heeler and blue heeler. This dog is super active, and they are by no means couch potatoes, so they need intense activity multiple times a day. 

If their energy is not directed in a positive direction, they can sort to entertain themself which you might consider naughty. They can resort to digging the trash and destroying your garden.

The Australian Cattle Dog is very close and devoted to his family and is mainly attached to one person and bonds well with them. This dog breed is also known as velcro cause they get attached so firmly with their owner and even like to have physical contact with their favorite person.

australian cattle dog breed facts

The Australian Cattle dog was born to breed, and while doing that, they used to bite, so you have to be careful of this behavior. They like to nip at anything which moves like cars, children, pets, etc. Even while playing, they can be mouthy, so with early socialization, this can be prevented or turn into dangerous behavior.

This dog breed also has a massive prey drive, and they are pretty much fascinated with squirrels, cats, and other small animals. If the Australian Cattle Dog is raised with cats and other pets from puppyhood, then they can be a safe dog around them. The small animals outside have to be supervised around an Australian Cattle Dog.

The Australian Cattle Dog is a friendly dog breed and loves to protect its turf and owner, and they are also a little skeptical of strangers. This dog had to go through high temperatures, rough terrains, and long distances, which was a part of his job on ranches. This has made this dog pretty focused and tolerant of pain.

The Australian Cattle Dog can even continue his work if he is injured, so the owners have to keep an eye for any injuries and stop the dog from any activities if they are injured.

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