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The Border Terrier is an alert breed that was bred for assisting in fox hunting. They used to bring the foxes out of their hiding places so that the hounds could chase them. In the current times, they love human company and adore them a lot.

The Border Terrier is known for having the compelling drive to dig and hunt. They also have such energy levels, which helped them keep up with their hunters on horseback. This trait of theirs can make some humans think twice about getting bred as a pet.

For other people, Border Terriers are great companions, and they love to play hard and love even harder. This breed can adapt to apartment living, but they should be given enough exercise throughout the day to keep their energy levels balanced.

Once you start giving this pup the optimal amount of daily exercise, you will have the best buddy who will join you in your endeavors.

The Border Terrier has incredible hunting drive, and like all other terrier dogs, they also have plenty of energy, and their personality is quite good-natured. They are fearless, loyal, loving, intelligent, determined, and they can also be as aggravating as any other dog breed.

If you are planning to get a Border Terrier pup, you should be fully committed to taking full responsibility and keeping up with this breed’s antics cause this is not a breed for everyone only true dog lovers should go for this one.

The Border terriers are very good with some people. They mainly do well with families who are active cause they should be kept away from their escape artist activities, and a busy family who gives them enough exercise is good for this breed.

It would help if you had a securely fenced yard cause the Border Terrier is a dog who has excellent escaping skills. If you are not there to supervise for long, they can start digging or climb over fences to explore.

They can escape through holes in the fence and from doors and open gates or any other way possible, but they can always find the right way to freedom.

This breed was bred for getting across any wall or getting in through any wire entanglement. If you get this breed, you must ensure that they are always on a leash when going outside. The Border Terrier can quickly chase a cat or a rabbit and land in front of a car and die cause they have more deaths by accidents than old age.

It would help if you protected this dog from himself cause he is a hunter and needs supervision when outside. You also need to make sure that your Border Terrier doesn’t get into boredom cause then they become destructive and noisy. 

Once you come back home, your neighbors will have lined up to complain about the barking, and also your yard would have holes which can also mean goodbye to your dog as you never know where they can go.

We have given a lot of border terrier information and facts, so if you think I should get a border terrier, you should play our border terrier trivia.

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