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The Old English Sheepdog is a vast and athletic dog, and it has a shaggy coat. They are also known as OES by the fans of the breed. This breed was historically bred for herding cattle and sheep to the market.

This is a perfect-natured dog. It enjoys its home life in today’s time. They also participate in dog sports such as agility, obedience, conformation, and herding trials.

The Old English Sheepdog is an easy-going and intelligent dog breed. The OES is affectionate with the family members, and they also fit very well in apartments despite being big-sized dogs. You have to take care of their exercise and play sessions which can help them balance their energy levels.

The coat of Old English Sheepdog looks like it sheds a lot, but that is not the case in reality. If you are looking for a living, loyal and protective companion, then the Old English Sheepdog is an excellent choice for you.

The Old English Sheepdog also has a great sense of humor, and those who know this breed know about it. He is the protector and guardian of the family, but he also plays the role of a comic at times.

The OES has one of the best coats, and it also needs a lot of care as they have lots and lots of hair. Their coat is prone to matting if not regularly brushed. Many owners of Old English Sheepdog trim the hair short, but if he is a show dog, then it’s not a choice to cut his hair.

is an old english sheepdog right for me

The Old English Sheepdog needs about three to four hours of grooming per week and also visits salons. Many of the Old English Sheepdog owners give them to shelters and rescue operations because of the time and money involved in maintaining their coats.

Anyone who wants to own an Old English Sheepdog should understand the money and time involved in grooming and other care. They are very adaptable and can even stay well in an apartment if their physical needs are met.

If you leave the Old English Sheepdog alone for long, then they can have separation anxiety. They are not suitable for being backyard dogs. They are easily trainable and give proper responses to a consistent owner.

The Old English Sheepdog also gets along well with other pets and people. They also have the potential for weight gain, so you have to be consistent in training. They also drool a lot, so keeping the house clean is an added task for OES owners.

We have given a lot of old English sheepdog facts, so if you are wondering if an old English sheepdog is right for me, then you should play our old English sheepdog trivia. We also have other dog breed quiz on the site so that you can check those too.

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