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The dog breed Brussels Griffon was initially bred for hunting and killing rats. This street dog from Belgian is a very different and unusual breed. They are small in size but don’t mistake them for a pampered pooch.

The breed is lively and affectionate, and they possess a great sense of humor and self-importance which always keeps them ahead of their people.

The Brussels Griffon can be quickly accustomed to apartment living, but your neighbors may not like it much as they can be noisy at times whenever they think there is any sign of trouble.

The Brussels Griffon has a lot of energy, and they need a lot of playtimes and physical activity daily. Beginner pet owners might think this is a lapdog, but they will soon know that they don’t like to be in one place for a long time.

The owner who gives them enough exercise and meets the breed’s needs will have a loyal and loving family member. The term monkey face is always used to describe this breed.

The Brussels Griffon has a lot of human-like emotions. They are called griffon, which means small, and they were bred in Belgium to keep the stables free from mice and rats.

They, later on, became excellent house pets, and with some people, they got along very well. They are curious dogs who make great affectionate companions.

These dogs are sensitive, and they can also be moody at times and demand a lot of attention from their owners. In the US, you can find two types of Brussels Griffon one which is soft coated, and another one is rough-coated.

The look of this dog breed is so different, and they have a flat face and eyes wide-set, and the chin makes them look like the Ewoks and other creatures from the star wars.

These dogs may look small, but they are athletic dogs, and many Brussels Griffon participates in dog sports such as obedience, agility, and other performance sports.

The Brussels Griffon can bond well with other dogs, and they are also close to one person in the family and demand a lot of attention from this person as they love to snuggle with them.

They will be great apartment dogs. You just need to train them not to bark at unwanted noises. The Brussels Griffon is not for everyone as this requires a dog owner who knows that loves an up close and personal dog rather than an independent breed.

The Brussels Griffon can live for 14-15 years, so they require a lot of time and attention from their people. It’s always better to give them food when it’s mealtime instead of keeping it out for them all the time.

It would help if you were consistent to house train a Brussels Griffon as they can be stubborn at times. They can make a lot of noise by barking at any sound they will hear, and this is a good trait for a watchdog, but you need to train them not to bark at all types of sounds.

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