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Dogs are intelligent animals, and they can sense and understand us and the environment, and they cannot speak, so they choose to convey their emotions via their body language.

Dogs get pumped up for a walking time, and they nuzzle us when they are sad. When the dog is doing something, and we ask them to do something else, they won’t obey us, but reading their body language is very important.

We have made a list of ways dogs communicate with us with their body language. 

  • Relaxed Approach – A dog who is comfortable with his body is a dog who feels safe, and such a dog is not bothered by what is happening in his immediate environment. This kind of dog is usually very safe to approach. Also, dont rush into a new dog; you have to come cautiously even if they are relaxed.
  • Checking Things Out & Alert – If the dog detects something unusual or is interested in something, then they become very alert and try to find out if any action is needed to be taken. They usually have ears forward and eyes wide open. The tail may move from one side to another and smooth nose and forehead. They will have their ears pointed forward, and they can even twitch as if they are catching a sound.
  • Dominant & Aggressive – A dog who is aggressive and dominant is usually a pretty confident animal. This type of dog is expressing his social dominance and saying they can take action if they are challenged. As a dog owner, it helps to know if your dog is submissive or dominant, as you should also focus on their behavior with other dogs.
dog body language signs
  • Fearful & Aggressive – This type of dog has to be approached with very much caution cause they are scared and can attack if they feel pressed. This type of dog signals that they are being pressed, and they can also lash out. This type of dog is difficult to handle.
  • Stressed & Distressed – This dog is either under environmental or social stress. They usually behave like this because this is a part of their state of mind and not being pressed by any other individual.
  • Fearful & Worried – This type of dog is terrifying and often tries to give signals of submission. They provide these signals to the individual from whom they feel threatened, and they usually want to avoid conflict, so they try to solve the issue as much as possible.

We have given a lot of information about dog body language signs and their behavior, so if you want to learn more about dog body language facts, you should play our dog body language quiz!

In the dog’s quiz, you will be asked questions based on the dog’s body language, and in the results, you will get to know how much you know about the dog’s body language.

So let’s start with the dog body language quiz!