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Dogs and their relationship with humans are complex, and sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the true feelings of your dog cause when they are anxious, or something is up, they cannot communicate with you.

This is the reason you focus on signs that a dog shows when they are anxious so that you can take better care of your beloved four-legged creature.

If you think or feel that your dog is anxious, you should focus on the recognizable symptoms and treatments available to ease your dog’s worry.

There are different types of anxiety in dogs, so you need to understand your dog is going through which kind of anxiety.

Types Of Anxiety In Dogs

  • Separation Anxiety

The most common form of dog anxiety is separation anxiety, in which your dog doesn’t do well when he is kept away from you for long hours. Dogs value all things in life with which they associate Long walks with their people, food, company, playing fetch, etc.

If your dog can’t stay away from you, then it shows that they need to be taught to do so, which causes separation anxiety in dogs, when the dogs are young its better to teach the dog to stay away from their humans for long hours and still be cool with it.

  • Fear Of Loud Noises

Dogs have a powerful sense of hearing, and this changes from breed to breed. But usually, all dogs have excellent hearing senses, and loud noises like firecrackers and thunderstorms give anxiety to dogs.

So even with the same weather conditions, the dogs can think of the storm or the loud thundering and still get anxious as they recall events.

  • Environment Changes & Resource Guarding

This type of anxiety is rare and can occur in places like visiting a vet or in a moving car or when houses are changed. Also, things like sudden traveling or changing timings for owners’ work hours or sudden plans can prompt anxiety in dogs.

Signs Of Anxiety In Dogs

  1. Non-stop barking when the owner is not home
  2. When it’s not hot, they pant and pace a lot
  3. They keep shivering
  4. Running away from everyone or going to the corners of the house
  5. They dig a lot
  6. Trying to escape the yard
  7. They start destroying furniture
  8. They start self-harming by non-stop liking and hard chewing
  9. They stop eating altogether
  10. They keep urinating more frequently
  11. They have a general inability to settle down
  12. They lick their lips a lot
  13. They show the whites of the eyes
  14. They try to showcase it via lifting a paw
  15. They try to look away

We have given a lot of information on whether my dog has anxiety, so now, take ours if you think your dog has anxiety. Does my dog have an anxiety quiz and see the score.

So let’s start with the is my dog anxious quiz!