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Sometimes when you talk to your dog, it feels like they are genuinely listening to you and giving you all their focus and attention. A dog is the cutest furry member of your family, and they are intelligent and funny and sometimes can be mischievous.

When you compare your dog to the other dogs in the same or different breed, if they rank well over there, then you know how smart and intelligent they are.

There is not a formal IQ test for dogs, but there are a few ways you can get to know if your furry friend is intelligent and intelligent.

Signs Which Shows Your Dog Is Smart

  • Your Dog Is An Escape Artist: A dog can learn and understand how to open locks or manipulate his crates locks or open the back door art very smart. Any dog who can find its way of escaping is intelligent as this trait is one of the most intelligent ones.
  • Your Dog Remembers Commands Without Practice: If you are lazy and don’t practice commands with your dog and still see that your dog can follow all commands easily is a sign that they are brilliant. Dogs learn to communicate with repetition of sentences and body language, so if your dog can do orders with minimal or no practice, you have an intelligent four-legged creature.
  • Your Dog Solves Puzzle Toys: There are many puzzle toys for dogs that you must have seen at the pet store too, and these toys often have a reward at the end for the dog, so they try to solve it with full enthusiasm. If your dog can solve these puzzle toys, then its problem-solving skills are top-notch.
  • Your Dog Snuggles You When You Are Upset: Dogs who are intelligent and intelligent can feel your emotions and understand when you need comfort. They purposely try to cuddle you when you are sad.
  • Your Dog Knows You Are Leaving: Dogs are very observant animals, and if your dog becomes super needy and hyper when you are getting ready to go somewhere, then that is a sign you have a smart dog. A dog can sense that a change is going to happen and quickly react to it accordingly.
  • Your Dog Passes Intelligence Tests: Although there are no formal IQ tests for dogs, you can follow some activities at home, such as finding hidden treats, Testing the dog’s memory, testing his learned tricks, etc. These are a few ways to know how smart your dog is.
  • Your Dog Knows How To Get Your Attention: Like humans, dogs are also attention-seeking animals, and they love it when they get the needed attention. They give you a paw for a handshake or rub up against your hand, and showing off their belly to get some belly rubs are signs that the dog needs your attention. Only the brilliant dogs do all these things.

We have given a lot of information on how intelligent dogs are and how they show it, so now if you are wondering how intelligent my dog quiz is, you should play our how smart is your dog quiz.

In the dog’s quiz, you will be asked questions based on the dog, and you will get the results at the end.

So let’s start with the how smart is your dog quiz!