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If you are planning to get a service dog, you should know what all types of service dogs are there and their different tasks. A service dog is specifically to perform specific tasks and help people with disabilities.

The disabilities can range from autism to PTSD to anxiety. The dogs help the owner perform day-to-day tasks, and they are adequately trained to perform these tasks for people with diabetes and epilepsy, and PTSD.

Service dogs play a crucial role in the partner’s life, but they also become excellent friends with the person. Service dogs can work with people who have disabilities such as:

  1. Mental
  2. Physical
  3. Sensory
  4. Intellectual
  5. Psychiatric

Service dogs have more access to public places, and they can go to places where an average dog cannot go. This includes restaurants, libraries, public transportation, etc.

There are specific attributes that a service dog should have, and we have made a list of them so you can look for these in the dog breed you want as a service dog.

should i get a service dog test

We all know that dogs have a superb sense of smell which is way ahead of humans, and it’s almost 10k-100k times much better than humans, But having a good nose is not the only criteria for being a service dog.

  • Desire To Work – Your service dog should be full of energy and should be excited to go out and perform tasks rather than stay at home and lay around.
  • A Calm Mind – A service dog has to be focused on their tasks, and they should not cause disturbances in public and not get startled by their immediate surroundings.
  • Intelligence – A service dog has to perform complex tasks, and they should be able to perform these tasks with intelligence and be good at decision making.
  • Friendly Dog – A service dog should be familiar with other people and animals not to cause any trouble to themselves and their partners.
  • A Loving Dog – A service dog should have a good bond with their partner, motivating them to work on tasks efficiently.

If you keep all these in mind, then a few breeds fit well in these criteria, and we have made a list of all these breeds.

  1. Great Danes
  2. Labradors (American and English)
  3. Golden Retrievers
  4. Poodles
  5. German Shepherds
  6. Border Collies
  7. Pomeranians
  8. Bernese Mountain Dogs
  9. Portuguese Water Dogs

Different types of service dogs are trained for other and specific tasks to help with their partner. We have made a list of all different kinds of service dogs.

  1. Diabetic Alert Dogs
  2. Autism Service Dogs
  3. Allergy Detection Dogs
  4. Guide Dogs
  5. Hearing Dogs
  6. Psychiatric Service Dogs
  7. Mobility Assistance Dogs
  8. Seizure Alert Dogs

We have given a lot of information on service dogs and their types and breeds, so if you are wondering if you should take a service dog, then play our dogs quiz should I get a service dog quiz and see if you need a service dog.

So let’s start with the should I get a service dog quiz!