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The English Mastiff is one of the most ancient types of dog breed. They have ancestors named molossus, which are 5000 years old. At that time, the mastiff was a war dog, different from what the breed is today.

English Mastiff is very good as companions and anyone who doesn’t mind little drool here and there. If you have an apartment or are a first-time pet owner, you should focus on another dog breed as the English Mastiff won’t sustain in both conditions.

The English Mastiff is a massive dog breed, and it has a great height which outweighs a lot of other dog breeds. The English Mastiff looks like an aggressive dog, but it’s a very good-natured dog, but if there is any threat to its family, it can go into protective mode.

The English Mastiff is dignified and kind and courageous, and they have the same puppyhood as other dog breeds, but with time, they mature and become calm and quiet dogs.

The English Mastiff loves children, but you have to be aware that the kids don’t get unintentionally bumped by the dog. The English Mastiff can stay in a city condo and even a country estate. 

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You should give the English Mastiff an adequate amount of exercise, which will help them shed the energy and be a stable and balanced dog.

The English Mastiff is not an outdoor dog; instead, they love being with their family and inside the house. They are not precisely lapping dogs but will love to spend time with you on the couch. If proper training and exercise are not given to English Mastiff, then they can become destructive.

When English Mastiff shakes their head, the drool splashes everywhere; if you let the drool dry, then it can be wiped off easily. You should get used to keeping baby wipes and towels to clean the drools.

The English Mastiff also snores a lot, and they can make a lot of noise while snoring. The lifespan of this dog breed is also small because of its size. 

English Mastiff can get overheated easily, so you have to make sure that you do exercises in a controlled manner. There should be a proper balance as without activities also they can become bored and destructive.

The English Mastiff is a reasonably pure breed, and if their drool doesn’t matter much to you, this is an excellent choice for you. 

The English Mastiff does well with children or senior adults, but you should be aware that a mastiff can easily knock an unsteady person intentionally.

The mastiff cannot stay in a very small-sized house. They need a home with a small yard or an apartment with many rooms as they grow big in size with time.

We have given a lot of English mastiff facts and information, so if you are wondering should I get an English Mastiff, then you should play our English mastiff trivia. We also have other dog breed quizzes on this site which you can check out later on.

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