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If you are planning to take a dog and are confused about whether I should get a male or female dog, you should understand more about the topic and make your precious decision. Some people think one sex is better than the other and choose the gender of the dog.

The answer depends on various factors and on the person who is asking the question cause they have to choose the gender of the dog based on their personality and lifestyle.

Some people believe that male dogs are more affectionate and easy to train, and on the other hand, female dogs are a bit aggressive and are more protective of their puppies. There is no superior gender in dogs; each has a unique personality.

The above criteria are just an observation from many dog owners, and there is no specific study that proves that a dog can behave in a certain way based on its gender.

The dog learns things from their training, and based on that, they behave. The environment also plays a role in the behavior of the dog. The sex of the dog can give us an idea of how the dog can act in training. 

The female dog reaches faster than a male dog, and it is often smaller in size than the male dog. Maturity is an advantage in female dogs as they can learn training faster than male dogs.

male or female dog quiz

This does not mean that a female dog is more accessible to train than a male dog. It’s just that a female dog can grasp the training better than a male dog of the same age because it is more mature than the male.

One crucial factor to consider when choosing female dogs is that they come in heat twice a year, and it goes on for 2-3 weeks. During this period, the female dog secretes vaginal blood, which is also a lure for the male dogs.

During the estrus cycle, if you dont want to breed your female dog, you should keep them locked in isolation in a locked room ans away from any male dogs. It would help if you also focused on the place where they are locked up dont put them in an area that is carpeted as that will stain the carpets with blood.

If you dont have any plans to breed your female dog, it’s better to get her spayed. Generally, it’s best to get the female dog spayed six to nine months old. You should also know that it’s better to get spayed if you are not looking to compete in dog shows with your dog. 

Spayed dogs are not allowed in dog shows. Spaying also reduced the chances of having uterine diseases or the risk of ovarian in most female dogs.

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