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Getting a dog in your life can be a big responsibility, and many people are just not ready to take the blame but want to still own a pet just for social reasons. When things dont go accordingly, people think of giving the dog away, and facing this reality can be devastating for the dog’s life and yours.

Sometimes it can be the best option for both the owner and pet to give up the dog for rehoming due to some circumstances. The pets are more like our children, and it’s our responsibility to give them the best life and home.

It can be challenging to think that your pet is in another house, but sometimes severe medical conditions arise, and that makes you think your home is not the best place for your beloved dog.

Many seniors who own dogs and stay alone encounter diseases like Alzheimer’s or other serious illnesses. Some people have mental and physical disabilities, which may also lead to poor pet care.

should i give my puppy away

We have made this dog’s quiz to understand if it’s the right time for you to give away your dog due to any circumstances. Though the process is not easy, it will at least give you peace of mind cause you did your best for the pet, but still, things are going south, and it would be great to make a decision best for your pet.

Signs To Re-Home Your Dog

You did your best and got the puppy and tried to do everything for him, but sometimes your medical conditions can make things difficult, and it’s better to look out for signs which the dog and you are showing and understand the reality of the situation. 

Some pets can even mirror the declining health of their owners and worsen their health because of it. If your dog has poor hygiene and his behavior changes and becomes worse, then it’s a sign to look out for.

  1. You are physically unfit to make your dog exercise regularly.
  2. You are not able to take him to a vet.
  3. You are not able to take public transport or travel with him.
  4. You got injured while taking care of him.
  5. If your energy depletes due to medications and not being able to provide care for him.
  6. You have a newly developed or worsening medical condition.
  7. You are getting a lot of medical bills, and your financial condition is worsening. Moreover, if your dog also has a medical condition that has to be treated regularly and needs a lot of finances.
  8. If your condition changes your lifestyle and the dog is noticeably unhappy because of lack of exercise, attention, and other care.

You have to look out for these signs, and if more of them are true in your case, then it’s better to seriously think about your dog’s future and how he can be happy.

We have given a lot of information on the should I give my dog away quiz, so now you should play our quiz of 20 questions and understand if you should keep your dog or give him away for rehoming.

So let’s start with the should I give my dog away quiz!