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Most pet owners know that they have to be the pack leaders when owning a puppy. A dog who is well trained can be submissive to everyone, even the young children of the house. Problems with aggressive behavior dont come when the dog is prepared correctly.

Each dog and dog breed is different, and each dog takes the act of dominance or submission in another way. You need to study your dog, and based on his behavior, and you need to take future steps.

If you understand your dog’s natural inclination, then it will be easy for you to handle the dog. But how do you get to know if the dog is dominant or submissive?

There is a way sure shot way of knowing this, making your dog socialize with other dogs and see how they behave with other dogs. 

Signs Of A Dominant Dog

  1. They try to mount other dogs and dont care if it’s a male or a female.
  2. They guard their toys and food or steal them.
  3. They will try to get attention from all other dogs even when they dont want it.
  4. They try to push their way ahead when walking with other dogs.
  5. They will make other dogs wait for them.
  6. They rarely lick other dogs on the mouth.
  7. Always trying to win when the dogs play tug of war.
  8. They love to start staring contests and beat them.

Signs Of A Submissive Dog

  1. Sometimes they urinate and show their submission while meeting other dogs.
  2. They look away when other dogs stare at them.
  3. They allow other dogs to win at tug of war.
  4. They show affection and attention to other dogs by licking their mouth.
  5. They back off when other dogs try to take their food or toys.
  6. They roll on their backs to show their belly.

A dog doesn’t have to go through all the said things to be submissive or dominant, but these are primary signs and symptoms from which you can gauge the situation.

Most dogs also fall between submissive and dominant to show signs from both sides, and it all depends on the other dogs they are around.

Although from frequent dog meets and sessions, you can watch your dog and get a good idea of their natural inclination towards dominance and submission.

Usually, submissive dogs are easy to go in the family and dont make the owners work a lot for taking care of them. On the other hand, dominant dogs need more work to handle them and balance their position in the family.

Understanding how well your dog does with their pack of dogs can help you do socialization better.

We have given a lot of information about dominant and submissive sog, so if you are wondering is my dog dominant quiz is, then you should play our dominant dog quiz!

So let’s start with the is my dominant dog quiz!