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The Chinese Crested Dog is an ancient dog breed, and its origins are unknown, and many people say they are not from China. These dogs can be the best companion for a couch potato. They can miraculously read your mind and lie in bed with you for hours without moving a muscle.

The Chinese Crested Dog has no motivation to go out and run like other dogs do, but these are athletic dogs who can surprisingly jump huge fences and compete in agility competitions.

The Chinese Crested Dog is social, and they bond well with their pack. They dont really like strangers a lot, but once a Chinese Crested Dog loves you, they will keep roaming behind you and be devoted to you.

The Chinese Crested Dog is a graceful and elegant dog breed. He is a beautiful dog, but they win most at the ugly dog competitions. He is more like a big dog in a small body.

The Chinese Crested Dog loves to spend time with their people and show them love, and they will also smile at you when they have behaved naughtily. They are highly social and love to be with people, but dont really like strangers a lot and can also resort to biting them without proper training.

The Chinese Crested Dog has a half-naked body, and they remain healthy without putting any sun lotions on the body. They need to be bathed at least once or twice a week.

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The Chinese Crested Dog sheds less than other dogs of their size, but they still shed more for a naked dog with less hair. They are highly tolerant of heat and can even lie in a 100-degree sun for hours without complaining. 

The Chinese Crested Dog hardly pants and doesn’t even drink much water. They dont tolerate cold weather, and some people try to harden their dogs by exposing them to cold weather; and this is cruel, but this doesn’t even work. A Chinese Crested Dog can die from this kind of cold exposure than he will ever from the heat.

The Chinese Crested Dog is a lovable and affectionate dog breed that loves to spend time with its family. They are also very good with children considering their age and how they behave with this tiny creature.

They should be left alone with children or even in the yard. They love to play games, cuddle up with you on the couch, and be an active family member.

We have given a lot of Chinese crested dog breed information, so if you wonder if a Chinese crested dog is right for me, you should play our Chinese crested dog trivia. In this dogs quiz, we will ask you questions about the Chinese Crested Dog.

So let’s start with the Chinese crested dog quiz!