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When people decide to bring home a new puppy, the thought never comes to mind that they might want to get rid of the dog if things don’t go well. Sometimes life and the ideal circumstances do not match up.

If you think of rehoming your dog, that means there have been some circumstances that have not been good, and it’s might also be better for everyone. 

When it comes to rehoming a dog, you need to step back and think about it properly, and there are a few essential things that we are going to share which will help you make the decision better.

Common Reasons For Rehoming A Dog

There are many reasons people find for rehoming their dog, and one of them is the high energy levels of the dog. Sometimes you can take a dog breed that is not suitable for your energy level and needs, and later on, you get to know the dog is a super energy machine. 

That’s why it’s always better to learn all about the dog breed you will get, so you know what’s in the package. Some might want to rehome the pet cause they have different expectations from the dog in some areas.

Some even have trouble with the dog’s medical needs and cannot help the dog with it. Other common reasons include Aggression issues, housebreaking issues, anxiety issues, etc.

should i rehome my dog

Although you should also be committed to your dog and do the best you can, there are times when rehoming the dog is the best solution for everyone.

Focus On How Long You Had Your Dog

If you just had a dog a few weeks or months back, you need to give more time to the puppy to get used to the environment. Dogs take time to learn new habits and manners, so you should give them more time and see how they live up to it.

If it’s a rescue puppy that you got, then it needs some downtime, and if it’s a foster puppy with aggression issues, you should get in touch with your contact and see what can be done.

Overall giving the dog some time to cope up is the most common solution.

Train Your Dog Yourself

Some people give up the dog for rehoming cause the dog has some bad habits like chewing on furniture and house stuff. They dig up the flower beds and also have accidents in the home.

Most of these problems can be solved by proper training. It’s better that you spend the time to train your dog regularly and let him get the hang of it. If, for some reason, you are not able to teach him, contact a professional dog trainer, and they would have a lot of different ideas for you.

They can even train the dog properly and get rid of his bad habits.

So now we have given a lot of information about the idea of giving up the dog for rehoming, so if you are wondering should I give my dog away from a quiz, then you should play us should I rehome my puppy quiz.

In this dogs quiz, you will be asked questions that will give you whether you should give up your dog for rehoming or keep him with you.

So let’s start with the should I rehome my dog quiz!