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The Boerboel is a dog breed from South Africa, and it is also known as the South African mastiff. These dogs look like a guard dog at first look, and you would be right if you think so. They make excellent guard dogs and would protect their family and property with all their strength.

Meanwhile, this breed is very calm and loving, and they are pretty family-friendly, especially children. This gigantic dog breed was bred in South Africa to help the farmers to protect their farms from wildlife animals such as lions, hyenas, and lots of different types of deadly wildlife. The name Boerboel also means farmer’s dog.

The breed is usually docile, and it’s easy to groom, and they don’t even have many health issues but don’t think that it’s a breed that is good for novice owners. The Boerboel dog is a dominant dog and needs an experienced dog owner.

The Boerboel is pretty confident and self-assured, territorial and prone to chewing and pulling. They need an assertive owner who also has a proper space for the Boerboel cause they need a lot of exercises.

The physical strength of the Boerboel can be matched with the love and affection they have for their family. Dutch settlers brought the Boerboel was brought to South Africa by Dutch settlers for keeping the farms safe from dangerous wildlife animals such as lions, leopards, etc.

In today’s time, they are known as excellent watchdogs, guardians, and they also participate in canine competitions. They are also very protective of the families, especially the young children of the family.

The Boerboel is quite territorial, so you need to train them from an experienced trainer as these dogs can display aggressive tendencies towards strangers and other pets.

This dog breed is pretty agile compared to other mastiff dogs, and they require a lot of physical and mental stimulation for their size. It would help if you did not leave your Boerboel alone for a long time as they can become bored, have anxiety, and show destructive behavior.

Boerboel would be the happiest in a home with enough space and an experienced and firm trainer to take care of this territorial dog.

This will be a dog who will be the best protector of your family and will provide the family with lots of love and affection. They are dogs who weigh the same as a great day being so small in size.

The dog’s ancestry is unknown as no one knows what exact breeds were mixed to get this breed. The Dutch settlers bought these dogs to take care of the farms and land from the big cats, and only the strong dogs were able to survive the harsh climate conditions of South Africa, and these were the ancestors of the modern-day Boerboel.

You should socialize your Boerboel correctly when they are young as it is needed for them. We have given a lot of Boerboel facts and info, so if you think a Boerboel is suitable for me, you should play our Boerboel trivia.

So let’s start with the Boerboel quiz!