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The Rat Terrier is one of the true terriers, and he is known for being an escape artist. They are adorable and little digging monsters. They are very energetic, feisty, funny, lively and vermin chasing.

The Rat Terrier is a bit stubborn and is not so keen on pleasing people rather, the people who own this dog breed laugh all the time watching their little dogs act. 

The Rat Terrier is known for being the ideal farm dog as they are one of the best in vermin chasing and keeps the farm healthy. President Theodore Roosevelt gave the name of this dog breed. President Rat Terrier had solved rat manifestation at the white house; hence the breed got its name.

The Rat Terrier is very intelligent With proper training and early socialization and forgiving some of their bad habits. This dog can be a lovely and valuable member of the family. 

This dog breed has been surviving because of some lovely dog breeders, and now they are becoming more famous again with time. The Rat Terrier is the farmer’s best friend as he is the ultimate vermin chaser.

Some people mistake this dog for Jack Russel or a coated fox terrier, but real Rat Terrier owners know these breeds’ traits and why they are unique. 

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Being stubborn is a typical trait of terriers, and Rat Terrier is no different in this manner. Digging is another trait of the terriers, and a Rat Terrier is a pro digger. He will spend a lot of time in your yard or garden digging as he has a quest to fulfill and move to the other side of the tunnel.

It would help if you gave your Rat Terrier a specific area to dig, and he will be one happy dog. Once he understands his space to dig, he will enjoy his time. This dog breed is brilliant and can easily find its way to freedom if he is alone for a long time.

You should be with your dog in the yard when performing his leisure activities, or else he can find a way to escape. It’s better to have a collar, tags, and microchip as well, as once the Rat Terrier starts running, you will never get him back.

The Rat Terrier is tiny but a fast runner, and he is very good at jumping, too, so a 5-6 foot fence is mandatory. They need many exercises as these are high-level energy dogs, and they need time to do physical activities. 

The Rat Terrier will also make a lot of noise, so if you plan to get a dog that barks less, it’s better to look for another dog breed. They were bred to be fast and quick runners, so you should focus on these things when keeping a Rat Terrier.

The Rat Terrier needs an experienced pet owner who can train him well cause this breed, without proper training, can be tough to handle, and they can swarm over their owners all day.

We have given a lot of rat terrier information and facts, so if you are thinking of I should get a Rat Terrier quiz, then you should play our Rat Terrier trivia.

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