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The ancestors of Bloodhound were from medieval France, and they were used to trail boar and deer. Today this dog breed is highly active and intelligent, and their superb sense of smell has given them a spot in the law enforcement and search and rescue operation.

The fans of Bloodhound love them cause they have a unique appearance and sweet nature. This is a lovely dog breed, and an experienced pet parent would have difficulty finding a better species. They drool a bit here and there, but that is not a big issue.

Novice pet owners should be aware of the stubbornness and sensitivity of this dog breed. A Bloodhound dog would need regular exercise and consistent training. If you meet the Bloodhound’s needs, then he will be your most loyal companion. 

This wrinkled hound is affectionate and gentle, but he is not at all lazy. Once he locks himself to a scent, he can track it for miles, and Bloodhound would always choose this oversleeping on a sunny porch. 

You have to be committed to long walks if you are going to own a Bloodhound. Bloodhound belongs to the dog group who hunt down together by scent. 

Bloodhound works as a mantrailers for the police department, and they are so skillful in their work that their testimony is also accepted in the court of law. They can be great family dogs too, but they would require higher levels of care.

The Bloodhound can be a definition for the word stubborn. Not everyone can stay with a dog that gives a houndy odor, always wants to follow his nose, and has endless endurance and energy.

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The ones who own a Bloodhound know that these dogs are sensitive, kind, and tolerant of other animals and children. With the right owner and family, the Bloodhound can be a character who brings loads of laughter and joy.

Bloodhounds can sometimes be a bit shy with strangers. When it comes to training, the Bloodhound is quite sensitive to corrections or kindness, but they love to do things their way.

He can snuff out the slightest scent, but if you consider him a watchdog or guard dog, he may fail cause of his love for people. Some of the bloodhounds can be very much vocal and can cause a storm when they’re excited, others are quiet and nice.

Bloodhound needs to be socialized in the early age. They need to have various smells, experiences, sights, and sounds and meet new people. This will make your Bloodhound into a well-rounded dog.

Putting your Bloodhound in a kindergarten class is a great way to start as he will begin to meet new visitors. Taking them to busy parks filled with people and dogs will also help him socialize more.

Making him walk in the house lanes and meeting neighbors will also help the Bloodhound polish his social skills. If you are wondering is a bloodhound right for me quiz, then you should play our Bloodhound quiz.

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