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When you have decided that you are going to adopt a dog, you should make sure that you are ready to take full responsibility for the puppy and give them a great life.

Adding a new puppy to your house is just like adding a family member as they will interact with everyone in the house, and it’s going to be an excellent experience for everyone.

When you dont know what type of dog you should adopt or what size of dog you should adopt, you should learn more about owning a dog.

Dogs have several needs which vary from breed to breed, and size and environment are also huge factors. We have made this quiz based on which size dog you should adopt based on your lifestyle, surrounding, family.

Your lifestyle is one significant factor that you should consider when selecting the dog you want to adopt. The dog’s size should be directly equal to the activity level you have and the place where you are living.

dog breed compatibility with other breeds

If it’s a tiny apartment, then a small dog would be a good choice; if it’s a big house with a yard, large dog breeds will do well there. You have to look at the big picture to settle down on a perfect species.

Reasons To Get A Small Dog

  • They’re Cute: Small dogs are adorable, and their looks can melt the hearts of the people who come for adoption. Usually, the small dogs always carry a puppy-like face throughout the cause of their size.
  • Easy To Handle: A small size dog is pretty easy to handle, and they are portable. You can always carry them anywhere you want, and it won’t be a big hassle like large or medium-sized dogs.
  • They Cost Less: The pet products of small-sized dogs are pretty cheap, and their food and grooming costs are also less than the big ones.

Reasons To Get A Large Dog

  • Can Be Trained Easily: When it comes to big dogs, their behavior issues can be noticed quickly and solved before they become a terrible habit. Training big dogs can be easier in some breeds, and they tend to be more mature with time.
  • You, Will, Be Protected: Many large dog breeds are very good at guarding and protection. They can happily protect you and your valuables with everything they have.
  • More Exercise For Everyone: Large dogs can be great jogging partners for owners who lack the motivation to exercise. When both of you go for regular walks, you will be healthy and maintain a stronger bond with each other.

You have to do a lot of research when selecting a dog breed, so before adopting, continually find out everything about the breed and see if they fit perfectly with your plan.

And of course, medium-sized dogs are also good, but we have kept the choice as small and large size dogs for this dogs quiz. So if you are wondering what dog I should adopt, then play our what dog should I adopt quiz.

So let’s start with the what dog should I adopt quiz!