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Many pet parents have different ways of spoiling their dogs, and just like humans, even dogs pick up on bad habits and get stuck in the loop. Some try to give them extra treats, some provide them with paw pedicures, and some offer extra cuddles.

Having a spoiled dog is not necessarily a bad thing as it shows you have a love for the dog. It only becomes a problem when it starts affecting the dog’s behavior or their health, or your finances.

We have made a list of signs which show that you have a spoiled dog.

is my dog spoiled

Signs Of A Spoiled Dog

  • You carry them as soon as they get tired – If your dog gets tired while walking or playing, you are quick to pick them up. It’s best to treat your dog with cool water or some treat when they get tired on a walk or a playing activity. Playing close by home or in a nearby park is also a good idea.
  • You know the local pet spa people personally – Some people take on expensive dog spa and grooming needs that carry massages and baths and more challenging grooming like ear cleaning and nail trimming. It would be a great idea to get all the tools at home and learn the art of taking care of your dog and doing everything yourself. You can also bond well with your dog in the whole process.
  • They have their side on your bed – Half of the pet parents share their beds with their dogs, and this is a way of showing love, but it also spoils dog’s house rules. Your dog should always be on his bed or the floor, as getting them on your bed will change the dominance angle in the house. If your dog has anger issues, then having them by the bed would be the last thing you want to do.
  • You have bought an outfit for every occasion for your dog – It is one thing to have your dog outwear for the cold and hot temperatures and also protect their pawa from hot pavements and salt. If your dog has more clothes than you, then it’s a sign to address the issue. It would be better to do DIY Dog outfits which would be fun to do, and also, you can use the clothes that you don’t wear and make something extraordinary for your dog. This will also impact the bond you have with your dog.
  • You show love to your dog via food – If you show love to your dog and give them a lot of unwanted threats and think it’s cool and your dog will know how much they love you. It can be hazardous to your dog’s health, and many dogs become fat because of overfeeding.

We have given a lot of information on signs you have a spoiled dog, so now if you are wondering is my dog spoiled quiz then you should take our Spoiled dog quiz.

In this dogs quiz, you will be asked questions based on the dog and you, and at the end, you will get the results.

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