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It is entirely normal to shower your dog with the love and attention that he should get. Some dog owners treat their dogs like family members, treating them like a sibling or a child. The dog eats with the family, travels with them, and spends a lot of time with them.

Being obsessed with your dog is good, but there should always be some boundaries that keep things disciplined. You should know that your dog is an animal. Even though they are a part of your family, they are still animals who can’t tell us when they are angry or scared. 

If you are showing a lot of love to your puppy and not sure if they like all of it, then one way to know is to monitor their body language. If there is one position or a posture that can let you know if the pet is uncomfortable, it’s called the whale eye.

The whale eye is when you can see the whites of the dog’s eyes, and he seems to be looking at you, but his gaze is pretty empty. This means that your dog is a bit scared of uncomfortable even though whatever you are doing is out of love.

There are other signs like snapping or growling that indicate that your love is a bit strong for them. Dogs also have tensed muscles when they are scared, so look out for that too.

signs i love my dog too much

Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Dog

  • You Take The Dog Everywhere: You may be taking your dog to many places with you, but you have to understand that a dog may be your most loyal companion, but they still don’t want to be by your side all the time. They love to wander around when you are completing your daily errands and then come back at you.
  • Your Dog’s Schedule Is Tight: If your dog’s schedule is tight with full of activities, then it’s a sign you are obsessed with your dog. Although dogs do need proper schedules for feeding and pee breaks, most of the time, a dog wants to be a dog and wander around. They love to stick their nose in the grass and just be themselves.
  • You Give Everything To Your Dog In A Silver Platter: If you are giving your dog more food and keep something in the bowl always or keep all his toys neatly piled up so he can come and start playing, then it’s a sign you are obsessed with your dog. Dogs should do a little hunting instead of getting everything ready.
  • You Give Free Treats To Them Regularly: You have to understand that someone always gets what they need in a family instead of what they want. So you might think you look cute and show your dog how much you love them by filling their bowl with treats.

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