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Portuguese Water Dogs have been working with the fisherman, and they used to retrieve lost fishing gear and also used to herd fish into the net. Today this dog breed is a great family-loving companion. 

This is an intelligent dog breed that loves water a lot. They also have webbed feet, which makes them unique. This is a calm dog breed.

Portuguese Water Dog is nick-named as Parties. They are friendly and fun-loving. This dog can be an excellent choice for an active family with a swimming pool, beachside house, or boat. 

This dog breed thrives with proper training, and they are suitable for dog sports such as Rally, Obedience, agility, therapy work, and water work. You have to make sure to give your portie enough exercise daily as without that they will get bored and become destructive.

They obviously love swimming, but they are also good jogging and walking buddies. Portie is a relative of poodle, and just like them, they are also hypoallergenic.

Portuguese Water Dog is a great dog, and they do very well with training, and they are quite adaptable. If you provide him enough exercise, they can also be a great apartment dog and won’t make much noise. 

The Portuguese Water Dog can be a great friend to the right person. This dog breed is loyal, affectionate, and fun-loving. They need around 30 minutes of intense daily exercise to manage their energy levels.

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If you don’t provide proper mental stimulation, then the Portuguese Water Dog can become destructive, and they like to chew a lot, so that can happen a lot if you don’t work on their stimulation.

You have to make training fun and challenging as Portuguese Water Dog likes to learn new things, but they also tend to get bored quickly. They don’t shed much, but all dogs shed hair and dander to some extent, so you have to spend time with him to know more about shedding.

This dog breed loves people a lot, and they want to spend time with their family. They can also adapt to apartment life, but you have to manage their daily exercise needs.

Portuguese Water Dog takes more time to get mature compared to other dog breeds. In his homeland, the portie is known as “Cao de Agua,” which also means water dog.

Portuguese Water Dog is a dog with a sense of humor, and they can even think for themselves much better, so they can even outthink you if you are not one step ahead of them.

If you think should I get a Portuguese water dog quiz, you should learn more about the breed. We have given Portuguese water dog facts and information which will help you understand the species better.

We have made a Portuguese Water Dog quiz, so if you plan to get a portie or learn more about the dog breed, then play the quiz.

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