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Breeding dogs can be a very emotional and expensive experience. This is why you should let the professional breeders take care of this job, as they know the process very well.

If your dog is expecting puppies, then here are some tips on dog pregnancy to help you understand the whole process. 

Some Facts About Dog Pregnancy

Female dogs get into the heat cycle properly once in eight months, but that can change based on the other bitches she is around. The heat cycle can last up to three weeks, and if you dont want your dog to mate, you should keep her on a lead during walks.

Also, make sure you have a securely fenced roof, so your dog doesn’t jump over and go in search of a male for mating. The gestation period of dogs is generally around 63 days, and this is around the same for all different dog breeds.

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Litter size is also something that can vary a lot as it depends a lot on the individual dog and also the breed. Usually, shorter species have 3-4 puppies, and larger ones have around 5-8 puppies, although this can change from breed to breed

The bitch will start weaning the dogs for as little as three weeks from birth, and they are usually fully weaned by eight weeks.

Tips For Knowing Your Dog Is Pregnant

When a female dog is pregnant, they start showing many physical and behavioral signs from which you can gauge the situation. But sometimes, it can also be fantom pregnancy, which means the dog can have all the signs and symptoms of being pregnant but won’t produce puppies.

The fantom pregnancy in dogs appears after about a month or two, and this is the same time she can be pregnant for real too, so it becomes confusing to understand if the dog is pregnant or not.

Key Traits Of A Pregnant Dog

  1. The nipples of the dog will be enlarged. Milk production can also occur in pseudo pregnancies
  2. They have vaginal swelling and discharge
  3. They become more calm and tired
  4. They start having morning sickness
  5. They have nesting behavior
  6. The dog will show a change in appetite
  7. The stomach is generally firmer than usual, and it gains weight very quickly when it’s about a month into gestation

You should also know that signs such as weight gain and change in appetite or others can also be due to other reasons, so it’s always better to go to a professional vet and get the dog checked.

The vet has several ways to check if your dog is pregnant, one of which is to feel your dog’s tummy gently. They can also take a blood sample and perform a pregnancy test early on her gestation period.

The vet can also perform an ultrasound on the dog just like it’s done for humans. Later on, the vet can again call you for an x-ray as it’s the best way to check if the puppies are well and total how many are there in the tummy.

We have given a lot of information about dogs pregnancy, so now if you wonder if my dog is pregnant, you should play ours is my pregnant dog quiz. In this dogs quiz, you will be asked questions about dogs’ pregnancy.

So let’s start the is my dog pregnant quiz!